We handle the design and development of mobile applications.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge in various areas, we can take full, comprehensive care of your project – starting from the initial plans, through the development of the back-end part and the graphical interface, up to the delivery of the finished product. We specialize in programming with the Flutter framework, which has quickly gained a lot of recognition in the world of IT right after its release.

Our team is open to working with any industry – currently, our portfolio includes projects for clients from the financial sector, shipping, funeral industry and e-commerce, as well as institutions of higher education. We focus on flexibility in every aspect of business, so you can count on considerable wiggle room when it comes to delivery time and pricing. We always try our best to fully match the needs and capabilities of our clients.

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Why do we use Flutter?

We find that it’s the right choice both for us and our clients, thanks to its huge number of advantages, including but not limited to its versatility.

Flutter allows us to create applications that can be used almost the same way on various mobile operating systems. The same code can be run on both Android and iOS without developing a separate project, as well as in the form of a web or desktop application. As a result, our projects are completed faster and at a lower cost to our clients while maintaining amazing performance no matter the device.

Mobile applications developed using Flutter run extremely smooth. It’s a vital aspect of a positive user experience – quick and responsive software is a guarantee for good ratings and building up a favourable relationship between your company and its clients. Flutter can also provide an attractive, eye-catching design, which is also a huge help in terms of UX.

All this makes Flutter the option of choice when it comes to our mobile application development services. With our support, you can count on efficient realization, excellent performance, unique design, full functionality and the best experience for end users.

Mobile apps with navigation

Our offer includes developing mobile applications using HERE – the world’s most popular geolocation data platform.

Such a solution will be particularly useful for projects focused on supporting specific locations. Looking up addresses, determining the most efficient routes for drivers or heavy transport, precise navigation, marking points of interest on the map – all that and much more becomes easier with HERE and the Code Brothers.

Web and desktop applications

Flutter, our platform of choice for developing various projects, also provides us with a way to quickly and conveniently create web and desktop applications.

This allows us to cover a wide variety of customer needs – not only mobile solutions. Whether you want to make your services available online on any device or give your users the ability to use specialized, performant desktop software, you can count on our help. What’s more, the same Flutter code can run on several platforms – the framework supports creating apps for not only Android and iOS, but also all the desktop operating systems (Windows, Linux and macOS), as well as browser-based solutions.

We combine our design expertise and programming knowledge to offer the best possible standard for our clients. Choosing the Code Brothers means effective support at every stage – from drafting the first concept of a web or desktop app, up to the final implementation. Contact us and find out why it’s worth to choose our services!

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