We want to ensure a steady growth for our company

in order to support both our current and future clients in the right way. For this to be possible, we need a reliable, close-knit and ambitious team.

Our goal when founding the Code Brothers was to build a solid group of developers specialized in developing mobile applications using Flutter. Focusing on one specific area provides a lot of advantages, especially in a market as volatile as IT – we believe this approach will take us much further than acquiring basic knowledge on several topics.

Take part in the recruitment

If you share our mindset, as well as the interest in mobile app development and want to earn and develop your career while pursuing your passions send us your resume ! and take part in the recruitment.

With us, you can gain experience in a rapidly growing company that combines IT experience with a fresh business outlook.Above all, we value teamwork and nurturing interpersonal relationships at work. We approach every candidate with open arms – feel free to contact us, get to know our company, show us your skills, and join our team. We look forward to inviting you to our recruitment process!