The Code Brothers is a company founded by two good friends.

We were inspired by our shared passion for not only programming, but IT in the broader sense.

From the first day, we have been able to leverage our extensive experience – even before founding our own company, we were both active in the IT industry for several years each.

As time went by, our team gradually grew with like-minded IT experts. Today, we are a solid, multi-functional team. Our ranks include both development specialists and skilled programmers responsible for the code development.

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We strive to constantly improve our skills and knowledge, as well as attract new, equally ambitious programmers who will help you develop our business even further.

We believe that aiming for perfection in one field is much more valuable than being a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. That’s why for a long time we’ve taken an approach of specializing in mobile app development using Flutter. It’s a perfect way to quickly and efficiently create performant applications that stand out thanks to an attractive, ergonomic design.

We will take care of your project from the initial design part all the way to delivering the finished application. Our solutions are used by many various industries, including the financial sector, e-commerce, and even funeral companies. We also serve universities with specialized software tools. It’s worth noting that it’s just a small part of our capabilities – we love challenges and new opportunities, so feel free to challenge us even with areas of business we haven’t explored yet.